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This is a new website that is to be about longbow archery, in which the author recognises that a number of different configurations apply.

What is said on this web site, involves the knowledge, understandings, and opinions of the author, who does not claim to be an expert on the subject of longbows.

The author retains the meaning of an expert, as “a drip under pressure”. :)

Some longbow archers use aluminium arrows, and some use wooden arrows.

Bows that are regarded as longbows, include the bows made only of wood, with perhaps a linen or sinew backing, and these include wood flatbows, warbows, and the bows known as Victorian longbows or recreational longbows. The fundamental difference between Victorian or recreational longbows, and warbows, is that the Victorian longbows have a stiffened handle, and bend only, or, primarily, in the limbs, whereas a warbow bends all the way along the length of a bow, and, is thus also called a compass bow, and such a bow forms a continuous curve. The Victorian or recreational longbows, date from the 18th and 19th centuries, and are thus, a modernised form of longbow, and notsomuch of a traditional longbow, as a warbow.

Those mentioned bows, are generally reflexed, and curve only one way when strung.

Another type of wooden bow that may also be regarded as a wooden longbow (here is “throwing the cat among the pigeons” ), is a longbow, that is a long, single piece, recurve bow, such as shown on the web page at http://www.krackow.com/western_europe.html , under the heading “ 'Renaissance Recurved Longbow”.

Another type of longbow, which is much more like a barebow recurve bow, due to the advantages of the arrow shelf and the increased performance, is the type of bow, known as an “american flatbow”.

For a comparison of longbow classifications between different organisations in different countries, see http://www.longbow-archery.net/classn_bow_longbow.html .

I think that the primary criteria for a bow to be classed as a longbow, is that the bow should be as long as the archer is tall.

I am a longbow archer who uses warbows – wood self bows that comply with the 5/8 rule, and that bend through the handle – so-named “compass bows”. I also now have and use, one bow that is of the Victorian Longbow, or Recreational Longbow, style. My bows are all self-nocked; none of them have horn nocks.


For an international longbow outdoor target archery tournament, that is a new and challenging tournament, see http://www.ilotal.org . That web site seeks to operate an international longbow tournament for longbow archers of the different longbow types, competing against archers shooting the same type of longbow; English Longbow style bows and American Flatbow style bows, in separate divisions. That longbow competition also seeks to provide a ranking system for longbow archers of different countries.

The full web site for www.longbow-archery.net and www.longbow-archery.org , is yet to come.

For queries or comments about this web site, email webmaster@longbow-archery.net .

This web page was last updated on 14 October 2011.

This web site was last updated on 14 October 2011.